IFIB chooses William C. Dahm as senior advisor

The Iraqi Foreign Investment Board is pleased to welcome William Dahm as its senior advisor. Dahm brings more than 20 years of experience to the IFIB, most notably as a vice president and senior vice president with several major international institutions.
Dahm recently returned from Iraq, where he helped develop an extensive economic redevelopment plan for the war-torn nation, specifically the Anbar province that includes Ramadi and Habbaniya.
“I understand the complexity of Iraq’s economic situation and the people there,” Dahm said. “The potential is enormous, and I believe Iraq’s economy can be developed as a model for the world to admire.”
The IFIB’s mission is to assemble private sector investors from around the world to help facilitate the development of Iraq. The IFIB is tasked with developing strategies to attract inward private sector investment into Iraq, mobilizing domestic capital resources for growth and innovation while marketing the business benefits of Iraq and assisting local companies in identifying joint-venture partners.

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