The Iraq Foreign Investment Board (IFIB) is tasked with developing stategies to attract inward private sector investment into Iraq, mobilizing domestic capital resources for growth and innovation, marketing the business benefits of Iraq and assisting local companies in identifying joint-venture partners.



We are pleased to welcome  William ('Bill') Dahm as  senior advisor to the Iraq Foreign Investment Board. Read more --->

Core Activities

 The IFIB focuses on four primary areas of activity.

  • Matching Investors with investment opportunities: IFIB seeks to attract investment through initiating, supporting, and developing a wide variety of sizeable, ambitious, quality projects in Iraq. Projects will enjoy the benefit of risk mitigation facilities to the maximum extent.

  • Multinational Corporations: IFIB seeks to attract the top global multinationals to set-up in Iraq through a comprehensive  value-added offering that facilitates their move to the region.

  • Local business: IFIB seeks to assist top local companies in creating higher value-added functions for their businesses by supporting them in building expertise, innovating, growing, creating new partnerships and reaching international customers.

  • Investment funds: IFIB seeks to attract investment funds to Iraq and to assist fund management companies to establish public-private partnerships. IFIB endeavors to maximize the influx of capital in order to strengthen Iraq’s capital markets.